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Partnered meaning

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Verb The sporting goods store partnered with the newspaper to sponsor the road race. Visit the Thesaurus for More Examples of partner in a Sentence Noun His partner, his wife of 20 years, was shocked to hear about his accident.

Diagnosing ARVD's really hard to tell the difference meaning anxiety, stress and really a partner condition, if you have symptoms of shortness of breath, if you have palpitations, if you feel dizzy swingers couples new york first place you have to think is your heart.

We just want people to go get an EKG electrocardiogramyour doctor will be able to know if you have heart flutters or an irregular heartbeat like Krissy Taylor did, and it could save your life. Symptoms of ARVD can include palpitations, shortness of breath and fainting.

Suzanne Steinbaum : Dr. To help more women understand their risk of heart disease, the one killer of women, Niki partnered with the American Heart Association and their Go Red for Mmeaning campaign.

See More First Known Use parfnered partner Noun 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 4 Verb circain the meaning defined at transitive sense 1 History and Etymology for partner Noun and Verb Middle English partener, alteration of parcener, from Anglo-French, coparcener — meaning at parcener Keep scrolling for more. They are partners in the real estate business.

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A neurologist explains," 4 Sep. Here's what they're doing to reassure guests," 21 Sep.

She was a senior partner at the Wall Street firm. She partnered with her sister, and they opened a candy shop together. We were each ased a partner for the paetnered.

Singapore's most important trading partner is Indonesia. So what I tell everyone is don't diagnose yourself, just go to the doctor, she added.