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Mendo craigslist

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The second piece of ordnance craigslist could not be positively deemed inert and further on-site inspection by the Beale U. The promotional trailers, brought to you by GrowScene Productionsof Mendo, would most likely not be approved by Mendo's medical cannabis brigade.

Mendocino county man accidentally tries to sell live explosive on craigslist

We have nearly completed part 1 of an instructional DVD series on how to cultivate their own medical marijuana. Medical company, of course.

Click through the gallery craigsliwt a look at the weird anal old women stuff you'll only find on SF Craigslist. Of these viewers we craigslist estimated that a minimum ofpotential customers will buy this mendo. Deputies initiated applicable safety measures and evacuated and secured the immediate area, pending the arrival of EOD personnel. The man had received two pieces of material from a mehdo who had served in Vietnam and recently passed away.

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About six hours after deputies first arrived at the man's home, the Air Force EOD unit arrived and was able to inspect the second device. The office thanked residents who were asked to leave the area for their cooperation in dealing with the explosive. A Mendocino County man was startled to learn Wednesday that a piece mendo military material from the Vietnam War that he had put up for sale on the website was not inert, as he had thought, but was in fact still a live explosive, according to the county sheriff's office.

EOD personnel determined craigslist the second piece of ordnance was not inert and still contained all necessary components required to be a live explosive.

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The three Santa Barbara guys recently busted for unloading clones on Mendo for maintaining a grow house in Willits--are in good company. Think guns'n'chicks, only instead of bikini-clad bimbos wielding submachine guns, these ladies are just too hot for a little indoor horticulture. At approximately a. Type "marijuana" into Mendo Craigslist, and this gem of salesmanship appears: Dear potential investor, We would like to take a moment to share an opportunity to invest in a project with potential for a craigslist return.

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At approximately p. This is more craigslist pot porn. Eddy Lepp meets Jazzercise? He believed both to be inert, heaven escorts belief that persisted until he was contacted by the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office mendo his Fort Bragg home Wednesday evening. Good luck, potential investor! The initial inspection proved that one piece of ordnance was inert.

This video is expected to reach a targeted audience of 2.

OK--so what are the videos like? Deputies confirmed the seller was still in possession of the ordnance.

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Comments 27 1of27A man accidentally tried to sell a live explosive from the Vietnam era on Craigslist this week. Craigslist promptly initiated an investigation in order to locate and determine if the ordnance was inert. ed Chew gamePhoto: Craigslist Screen Grab Craigslist "for sale" are full of surprises, and in one recent case, the nature of a listing's contents came as a surprise even to mendo seller himself.

The ordnance was subsequently transported off-site by EOD personnel to a safe location where it was rendered unusable and unrepairable.

Mendocino co

Oaksterdam meets Bob Ross? The area was then evacuated, a perimeter was secured, and a bomb squad brought in.

Ottoman with "something that looks like a footrest. Not really.

Mendocino county

Air Force Base EOD unit by phone to examine the two devices, a process that determined one of the two to be inert. They concluded that it was, in fact, a live meneo. Airforce Base for their involvement and assistance. No investment minimum.