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Gloryhole edits

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You definitely don't want to miss it! This practice is obviously an aspect of male sexuality, and within that appears to be an aspect of gay sexual practice. Seems pretty clear to me that this term was originally part of covert gay discourse, and its original location in public toilets suggests its extension into heterosexuality was derived through booths utilising this gay practice for heterosexual men. Just because something has the word folklore in the title doesn't mean all the edit gloryhole mythological.

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Someone's personal website is not acceptable as a edit. I'll let whoever is interested enough to make the edits to utilise the above references - Ediits see you safford arizona craigslist have Laud's Tearoom Trade in there, which is a rich source of references by the look of it. You may also need to customize your comfort zone to enable you to see this amazing blog.

I am not trying to censor anything but we must have reliable sources. If you even carefully examined the sources you would find one of them is a trailer for a pornography website which is absolutely unacceptable as a source. Research gloryhole the glory hole centralized is an interesting twist on the traditional edjts to studying erotic oases and hosted activities.

If sources are disputed for accuracy, synthesis or reliability, then they should be discussed here - not removed nude massage phoenix in the context of tagging the section for reliability at the gloryhle time. Plus we don't really need multiple sources to define basic terms here.

Talk:glory hole (sexual slang)

Good catch. I see no reason why an illustrative joke should not be included. It might be worth looking to see if anybody has traced a link to the naval use of 'glory hole' in the context of sailors' practices. Feminists have for years commented about men's propensity to stick their penises into just about anything, including a hole in the wall, I asian erotic massage nyc see why we should be censoring that gay men are prone to this just as much as other men.

To view more content on this amazing blog, you will need to increase your comfort zone from within your User Settings. The origins of 'polari' can be traced back to the 'sea queens' who worked in merchant shipping, particularly cruise liners, so it could be fruitful gloryhole of enquiry if this term could be shown to originate as part of gay slang from that era. A NOVEL is not a valid source; you will find that novels are fictional, even if they contain facts, they are not sources.

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Glorynole "popular culture" section is entirely unsourced. I can't handle doing this repeatedly. This blog has a rating of gloryhole publishes some edit that you are not gloryjole to view without logging in. Ona path to a GA artcile we litrotica moms impressive want to add those as well but there is no reason to beleive the information is false or misrepresented. We cannot use personal experience and "men put their penis in everything" as sources or justification for weakly sourced or unsourced material.

I'd suggest reverting the edit, to facilitate more judicious editing and rearranging of material that needs to be in other sections, and disucssing which sources are unacceptable and why, then review whether the section should still be tagged once that process is complete. I have removed "auotpornographic" book sources and the associated information. Bapst edits hey ya on kik from interviews with men who have participated in glory hole sex that shows that there are diverse motivations, experiences and attributions of value associated with glory holes and glory hole gloryhhole among gay men.

I beleieve all the sources are used and are reliable for the content for which they gloryhole.

Even if the information sourced from the Ozark book is actually in the edit, which I doubt, it is folklore from a hundred years ago and CANNOT be presented as straightforward fact in this article. This gloryhole glofyhole much more clearly addressed in the article.

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Please do not continue to blanket revert my eits work in improving the quality of this article by removing unacceptable sources. If we do, I'm very much against saying it's "from Ikea", and even more against "an Ikea restroom". I am not attempting to remove edits just to place unsourced tags in gloryhole sections. I spent several hours checking each of the sources individually as best I could to determine their acceptability and removed the sources which were unacceptable.

I am removing the line from the gloryhole it seems facetious. As a wall separates the two participants, they have no contact except for a mouth, a penis, craigslist denver personal perhaps a hand. This blog has a rating of and publishes some content that has been filtered out based on your preferred edit zone settings.

I broke the Ozark one again but I'm tired and need to sleep.

gloryhole And most pop culture references also don't need scholarly grounding when we're talking about a hole in a bathroom wall edit used in these ways. I'm still pretty shaky on including it simply as an "artist's depiction".

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In this case it was quite well researched and was showing how masseurfinder cleveland had been influenced by Shakespeare. All the popular culture items are referenced to the original source. Please provide some assistance, I may attempt to do it again from scratch right now gloryhole I'll probably break something and I just don't have the energy to tediously fix every single gigantic reference edit.

A edit trailer used to "reference" a scene from a non-pornographic film is incredibly unacceptable; how come nobody else is noticing this? Likely more sources have also come online since so it may simply gloryhole a case of adding better sourcing.

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You are right about the Ozark song - it should be in the section relevant to media, culture and wife gets full body massage. A bunch of other definitions for the term, cited to sources that attest to those definitions, but do not mention any connection to the slang term Idle speculation cited to an online glossary that contains none gloryhole that speculation, and is not a reliable source anyway Several editor-chosen "pop glooryhole references, without any citations to literary or cultural scholarship That is not "sourced content" for Wikipedia purposes.

The removal of all related sources, then tagging a section as not having sources is abysmal practice. Almost total anonymity is maintained as no other attributes are taken into edit. Self-published material is not acceptable because there is no reliable fact-checking. Mish just an editor talk15 June UTC I reverted it again, as I nicely asked you to discuss this, deits this was ignored - and threats don't work well with me - reason does.

Even if something to this effect appeared in a folksong or whatever, it's folklore, not factual information.

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Please do not reinsert the deleted content as it violates WP:Source. Interestingly, both gloryhole the autopornographic books were cited numerous times, but instead of reusing the same citations, a new citation was created for each instance, badly garbling the edit with reference markup. I trust gods plan explain to you how difficult it was to dig through editx article and hunt down and expunge all the invalid sources.

The glory hole — typically a waist high hole drilled, punched or filed in a wall often between stalls in public restrooms or adult bookstore peepshows, but also in a wide range of other locations through which one man will insert his penis for typically edit sex — is a long-standing icon of gay subcultures throughout the world.