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Club venus atlanta ga I Seeking Real Dating

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Club venus atlanta ga

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You must be a non smoker. Honesty is just easier, I swear; ) of course good looks and an awesome personality always helps.

Age: 49
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: I Seeking Men
City: Beltrami County, Florida, Cambridge, North Plains
Hair: Silver
Relation Type: Lets Hookup This Sunday Night In Your Bedroom

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New club venus

The music was not what we were accustom to, to get in the mood, and cabs in Atlanta do not arrive quickly on Sunday at AM. My hubby and me were attending a cclub in Atlanta last weekend and were curious about visiting a swing club in Atlanta close to the Marriott downtown.

We hoped a cab on Sunday to Club Venus. We did not know to bring alcohol and Georgia does not sell alcohol on Va.

I am seeking men

However, we will be back next year. What we did not like about the club was no alcohol sold, the music, and the time to get a cab back to the Marriott at am. However, several people shared with us.

The crowed was mostly sociable couples; however, there a few single men and women. Thanks to the lady from Amsterdam and the couple from Maryetta my hubby and me were especially happy by the end of the night around AM.

Any guesses, Sexcapaders? Mar When we entered the club it was a little dark and there was no one in the front room.

We followed the music past private rooms venks the theater to the bar area a casual and clean space filed with people. MsMartha Mar The Realtor didn't necessarily mean a swingers' club's departure would improve property values, but it probably won't hurt. The group was racially diverse, clubb hubby and me are white and accustom to an all white swing club, but this was great! Attention Atlanta swingers: Your favorite Midtown sex dungeon is moving.

Was this review helpful to you? The evening slowly went from interesting and open conversations to a good time had by all.

Atlanta is home to two or three other swingers' ts, but the rest are on the city's fringes, so it's pretty wild that this has been going down right outside Piedmont Park. Breland said the venus is the venue of a commercial property in Midtown in about atlanta years, and that she hopes that the price tag will "help drive commercial prices back up" and increase property values in the area. The walls were covered with erotic art and flat screen TVs with a different XX flicks on club.

One would also imagine that Club Venus' immediate neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief, but their burden will soon be someone else's — a club spokeswoman said the facility will be shutting atlamta April 13 and announcing its new location at that time.