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Search Sexual Encounters Best ways to make up with your girlfriend

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Best ways to make up with your girlfriend

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Connell Barrett Dating Coach Go out of your way to make her feel special. Set aside quality time for the two of you just to have fun.


Also realize that after an intense fight like this, how you remember and interpret it could be quite different from how girldriend does. Get your mind off from the quarrel and do something that relaxes you.

Also it is one of the most amazing and intense experiences you are going to have in bed, so that is definitely a plus! Studies show that the happiest relationships are those where the couple takes time to play and have fun together!

And before you know it, she will be chasing you around the house screaming to be heard. For example, you might print out and frame a nice picture of the two of you or buy her a mug with her favorite quote on it. Bide your time, hugging a raging girlfriend might just result in burns!

No slamming doors. Author: Dan Bacon Dan Bacon is an ex back expert. Only then can she truly get a clear picture wit who you are now and see that you really have changed and improved.

Hit the pause button

Instead, understand that making up with your girlfriend can be fun. Now the reconciliation, or getting back together, is the hard part.

Follow these steps to reassess the situation: 1 Calm down Wwith best thing to find a solution after a heated argument with your girl is to back off and take a break to calm down. So you got in a fight. Assumptions can be very damaging in relationships.

All rights reserved. You can also be respectful by: [9] X Research source Not waus at your girlfriend, calling her names, or talking down to her.

Think super hard. This creates friction and enough of that, and your relationship will burn down into a pit of charred misery.

How to make up with your girlfriend: 8 fastest ways to mend fences

Make it a candlelit dinner to add romance to the food! Soon enough, she will forget about her ex and get caught up in a new relationship.

Women are pretty predictable creatures when it comes to both what makes us upset and what girlfroend our anger. They tell their girlfriends that they are being ridiculous or wrong for feeling the way they do.

How to make up with your girlfriend and show her you truly care

Big deal. However, saying that you are sorry over and over again will just u her away. Ask questions or rephrase what she says to make sure you understand.

As a result, she will look for excuses to avoid you e. You can even hug her.

Acknowledge she is upset. When that happens, getting back together again happens easily and naturally.

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When she recognizes that you really have changed, she will naturally start to have girlfrifnd for you again. Connell advises clients based on his A. Just like you want to get your own thoughts out, so does she. Do not put a tight lid on your feelings; instead, you should accept them. And trust me, you are going to feel the greatest of joys after doing this for her.

You can do that in many different ways. Resist the urge to offer advice unless she asks for it. Think about how things would look if you were in wtih position. Listen to her.